Leverage the power of your data

Exploring, comparing and publishing data has never been easier for local governments


Explore all of your financial data in a few clicks

Search and find details of your government's budget online with our interactive visualizations. All the information you need is accessible in real time on your browser.

Visualize over 5 years of data instantly
See how your data evolved over the years
Drill down to the most granular level
Visualize every single item of your checkbook
Switch to your favorite visualization mode
Easily choose from different intuitive graphs

Make data-driven decisions

Polyteia provides you with powerful tools to gain true insights about your government's financial data. Replace tedious and labour intensive analysis in Excel in minutes.

Budget vs Actuals made easy
Easily find out how reality compares to your plan
Sort, filter and switch dimensions
Intuitively find exactly what you're looking for
Track your most important ratios
All your favorite financial ratios automatically visualized.

Why choose Polyteia

Polyteia empowers your government to work more effectively
Budgets everyone can understand

No need to put up with hundreds of pages full of tables and numbers. Find directly what you're looking for in just a few clicks.

All the data in one platform

All relevant data is instantly accessible from any device, making paper-based reports a thing of the past. You can easily browse through the last 10 years with our platform.

Out-of-the-box solution

Setting up polyteia won't burden your IT department. Our experienced team takes care of setting up the platform which is compatible with all the major bookkeeping systems.

Data driven decision making

In a few clicks, discover hidden data relationships you didn't know you could find. Turn these findings into actionable insights by discussing them with your team.

Save precious time

Polyteia helps you save precious hours of work which used to go into requesting access, searching, and finding the data you need.

Craft the right message

Reach your citizens with beautiful data driven messages they can understand. Get the right message across.

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